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Friday, July 06, 2007

I team= Internet( Idiot) team

From the Miami Herald-

Someone posted 26 phony raunchy ads about Debbie Blasberg -- personal cellphone number included -- on the popular website Police are investigating a rival Realtor.

Blasberg, 44, says she received more than 700 phone calls at ''all hours of the night.'' Some callers asked her 11-year-old daughter for sexual favors, and text messages poured in even as she sat in the police station telling her story to a detective.


An investigation traced several of the Web postings to the home of fellow Realtor Dean Isenberg, 42, the police search warrant said. Last month, detectives raided his home while investigating possible charges of cyberstalking and unauthorized access to a computer network.

Isenberg has not been arrested. The investigation continues.

''There's nothing I've done wrong,'' said Isenberg, who sells properties with his wife Bonnie as the ``I-Team.''

Isenberg was upset with Blasberg, a former co-worker, for closing a deal on a property he was also trying to sell, according to the victim and a police report.

Blasberg ''sold the same piece of property to a company for a lower amount than [Isenberg] had been in negotiations with them,'' according to a police report. Isenberg ``was apparently very upset about this and blames the victim for his lost sale and commission.''

Craigslist provided detectives with records showing the IP address of the user who posted the ads.

They were done with a e-mail address created in Blasberg's name.

Nine of the 26 ads came back to an IP address that belonged to Isenberg, according to police -- seven ''registered to a Dean Isenberg'' at his home address.
Assuming the Herald article is correct about the IP numbers, Mr. Isenberg isn't very computer savvy. I'm no computer genius, but fully well know how IPs can be traced back to their user. Dean Isenberg has some serious legal difficulties ahead, all of his own making. The realtor may well end up losing alot more than the commission on one sale.

Here is Mr. Isenberg's website. He and his wife refer to themselves as the 'I team'. What words can we use to define the I. Hmm.....

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