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Friday, July 20, 2007

Anyone want an airline?

Italian national carrier Alitalia could be yours for pennies only.

ROME (Reuters) - Italy should hand loss-making national carrier Alitalia to anyone willing to take it off Rome's hands for one euro, or allow the airline to go bankrupt, Italy's infrastructure minister said.

"When something is diseased, you need to amputate it," Antonio Di Pietro said. "To have a loss-making flag carrier is absurd. It should be sold for even one euro if we find anyone willing to revive it, or we need to let it file for bankruptcy."

Italy's centre-left government has warned Alitalia could be shut down if no buyer is for found the airline, whose auction collapsed on Wednesday when the last bidders pulled out.
I'd love to take the wife to Italy, but I wouldn't buy Alitalia even for one euro. Nations shouldn't be in airline business(or many other businesses either). The Italian Ministry of the Treasury owns approximately half of the airline. Having a national airline is wonderful, but only if it isn't a drain on taxpayer money. There shouldn't be permanent welfare for either individuals or corporations.

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