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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Florida 13th News

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

SARASOTA -- Democrat Christine Jennings told a room full of supporters at a downtown Sarasota restaurant Thursday morning that she is running again for the 13th District Congressional seat.

Jennings, who has appealed her narrow defeat to Republican Vern Buchanan in the 2006 election, citing voting irregularities, said she intends to run in 2008, regardless of what happens in a federal investigation into the last race.
Jennings announcement comes as no surprise to me. In the meantime Christine Jennings should give up her legal challenge of last year's election. Without a doubt, human error caused problems in the balloting. But no one can tell for sure, what effect it would have had. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, a paper owned by the NY Times, has called for Jennings to give up the fight over what happened and I agree. Jennings is sounding more like a sore loser with every passing day.

TFM is a registered Democrat, and never an automatic vote for either party.(For instance I supported both Dan Mica and Harry Johnston when they were my Congressman from 1980 to 1996) Jennings could lose similar voters like myself in her district by continuing her dumb and hopeless fight. Neither the Democratic Congress or the courts are going to overthrow the 2006 result at this point. Jennings isn't helping her chances in 2008(Which I feel could be just as bad or an even worse year for the GOP than last year.) by her non-concession of the 2006 race.

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