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Friday, July 20, 2007

Draw lots instead

From the Sun-Sentinel-

DAVIE- Sometimes the one who loses the coin toss wins the contract.

In June, the town's selection committee flipped a coin to break a 3-3 tie over which vendor would run Davie's aquatics program. Boca Swim Academy won the toss and the recommendation.
Davie is a weird town even for South Florida. It was once home both to the local Ku Klux Klan and a nudist colony.

As one can expect, the coin toss result didn't stand up for long.

But late Wednesday, council members rejected the committee's pick and awarded the contract to Karen King, whose firm, Learn2Swim, has worked with Davie for the last 13 years.

King, alarmed the committee had made its decision by coin toss, came to Town Hall to plead her case Wednesday.

"We've been here 13 years without a single accident," she told the council. "We have a track record with Davie."
Yes I can imagine what kind of track record King could have with Davie. In West Palm Beach, they call it 'Pay to play'.

So why the quick turnaround?

"We had no way to break the tie," Hyman told council members, noting that coin flips are legal under the county code.

That code says tie bids can be decided using seven criteria in order of importance and consideration. Drawing lots or flipping a coin is listed as the seventh option. Still, some on the town council were uncomfortable with the coin flip.

"It was hokey," Councilman Bryan Caletka said before the meeting. He said he had received 24 calls and e-mails from people urging Davie to award the contract to Learn2Swim.

Councilwoman Susan Starkey said she, too, preferred that such decisions not be left to a coin toss.
No answer is given, except City Council members felt uncomfortable with the coin choice. Why didn't anyone say that before hand? It makes you wonder what happened behind the scenes. Remember The City of Davie has a history of recent corruption.

Town Administrator Gary Shimun said he has instructed town staff to avoid making any future decisions by coin toss.
What will they use next time? Lots? Pistol duels at dawn? Sack Races? I got the answer.......

City Council mud wrestling. That will be certain to draw public interest.

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