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Monday, June 18, 2007

Trying to hang on

George Bennet writes today at the Palm Beach Post about Knucklehead Commissioner Warren Newell.

After months of lawyered-up campaign exile, Palm Beach County Commissioner Warren Newell is making the political rounds again and saying he'll run for a fifth term next year "as long as my health is good."

Newell, a longtime Republican who switched to the Democratic Party in January, had his partisan coming-out on Saturday. He attended a James Carville-headlined fund-raiser for freshman Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney at Morton's early in the evening, then went to his new party's Jefferson-Jackson dinner and worked the room like a veteran Dem.

Newell's been mum about his political plans for the past few months. A federal probe into his land dealings led Newell to hire a criminal defense attorney, but he said that situation isn't a factor in his political plans. What matters, Newell says, is his continued well-being after undergoing 2003 surgery for a perforated colon.
Just my take, but Newell's health will take a hit as soon as a indictmemt is handed down. I'm betting one will come down within the next year. Newell has been doing favors for people, and politicians don't do that for free. Voters aren't dumb, Warren should resign and let someone represnet the people of Palm Beach County rather than themselves.

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