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Monday, June 18, 2007

Two if by Ambulance, One if by Helicopter

From the Sun-Sentinel-

LANTANA -- A man was stabbed in the stomach at the bottom of the steps to his trailer home early Monday and was taken by a helicopter to the hospital, police said.

The victim, Serrano Ruben, lost a lot of blood and was unable to speak when police arrived at his home on Adams Circle in the Tropical Trailer Park, said police spokesman Capt. Andy Rundle.

Ruben's wife told police he had gone to get beer from the Quick Mart, Rundle said. When he didn't return, she looked outside to find him lying at the foot of the steps in a pool of his own blood, Rundle said.

Police have no indication who might have stabbed Ruben or why.

"We don't have any evidence other than him lying there in his blood at the bottom of the steps," Rundle said. "Until he gets his injuries taken care of and he is able to talk to us, we are not going to know much more."
Full Disclosure- TFM lives in unincorporated Lantana but my wife's workplace is within the city limits. She also knows Captain Rundle.

The only reason I find this story interesting, is that Mr. Ruben had to be transported to the hospital by helicopter. There is a major hospital no more than ten minutes from Lantana. Why didn't the patient go to JFK?

TFM is aware St. Mary's and Delray Medical have trauma facilities. Still couldn't the patient be treated close by? You'd hope JFK can treat gunshot and stab wounds. In any case, get well Mr. Ruben.

One last note- That's assuming the Sun-Sentinel got the facts right in this story. We know they can get simple facts wrong. Click here for example.

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