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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tower of Babel Florida Style

You won't believe what they want to build in West Palm Beach.

Talk about a height restriction buster.

A shimmering glass needle reaching 1,500 feet into the sky and housing a hotel, observatory, dance club and office space could one-day tower at the entrance to West Palm Beach.

The West Palm Beach Observatory is one of three proposals the city will consider for the "tent site," a prominent city-owned piece of land on Okeechobee Boulevard at Quadrille Boulevard in a median stretch just southeast of CityPlace and within several blocks of the Palm Beach County Convention Center to the west.

In a recent planning document, the city said it wanted a landmark building on the site, now a vacant parking area, that would "create a new icon for the city" and would "contribute to the overall character of the area."
A 1,500 foot tall building in a hurricane prone area, are people nuts? Feel free to share your opinion.

Rick at SOTP is also skeptical.
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