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Monday, June 18, 2007

Plan B

A tale of it at first you don't succeed from the Tampa Tribune-

NEW PORT RICHEY – Detectives hope somebody recognizes this armed robbery suspect who apparently went to a Plan B after his original target was thwarted.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office released a surveillance videotape from the 7-11 convenience store at Madison and Trouble Creek roads today.

Detectives said the man in the video went into the store around 9:15 p.m. Monday with the intent to rob it.

They say he went to Plan B when a woman, thought to be his girlfriend, entered the store. On the videotape, you can see the woman give the man a big hug and whisper in his ear.

Investigators said they think she was telling him a sheriff’s deputy had just pulled into the parking lot.

Authorities said the suspect then took advantage of a crime of opportunity. They said as he stood in line at the 7-11, he saw the woman in front of him take out her billfold to pay for her purchases.

The man then got into his Bronco with his girlfriend and another man and followed the customer to her home near Sarah Lane, according to Doug Tobin, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office public information officer.

The suspect then used the Bronco to block in the victim, went up to her car holding a gun and demanded her purse. The victim gave it to him, according to Tobin.

The suspect then fired one shot, blowing out the rear tire of the victim’s car. The woman herself was not injured, according to deputies.
The robber better have a Plan C in mind for when he gets arrested. That's assuming he has any brains. If he did, he wouldn't be committing robbery.

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