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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Superintendent Idiot Gene Denisar

From the Chicago Tribune-

Less than two weeks after five Galesburg High School students were denied diplomas because relatives and friends cheered during their graduation ceremony, school officials reversed their decision.

"It is time for the good of the community, the school district, the families and the students involved to move on," Gene Denisar superintendent of Community Unit School District 205, wrote in a news release Wednesday. "The members of the Class of 2007 behaved appropriately. Unfortunately, some of the audience did not, which caused the disruptions at this year's graduation ceremony. I have decided to grant to the students involved their diplomas."

The decision came on the same day an attorney for three of the families threatened to sue the school board if the diplomas were not given to the students by the end of the day Wednesday.

District officials also said they were influenced by an opinion from the Illinois State Board of Education in which the agency said it could not support the punishment because the students didn't do anything wrong. The district's statement said officials will review the graduation policy to ensure the ceremony remains a "respectful and dignified occasion."

The policy was created in 2005 after a rowdy commencement at which the names of graduates were drowned out by whoops, cow bells and air horns. For the past two years, Galesburg students and parents signed contracts agreeing to be silent during the ceremony or face punishment.

The five students were denied their diplomas and prevented from attending a post-graduation party after administrators determined that the families of the students were "out of control" during the May 27 graduation ceremony.
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Gene Denisar and anyone else(Namely Galesburg High School Principal Tom Chiles and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Joel Estes) involved with the diplomas being withheld should be fired immediately. It was not their right their duty to withhold the diplomas. These people should have their teaching credentials revoked and be told to get employment elsewhere. Preferably in a line of work more suited to their low levels of intelligence. Digging ditches, mowing lawns, washing dishes. Denisar is a menace to any student who gets in the way of his obviously very small brain. Would you want him near your child? Gene Denisar, Tom Chiles and Jose Estes are little better than child molestors.

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