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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Only sane non-pot smoking lawyers need apply

Some Broward County Judge news-

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Broward Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin -- who made international headlines for his tearful televised performance in the Anna Nicole Smith case -- is leaving the bench on July 31.

In a June 13 resignation letter released Tuesday, Seidlin was short on specifics, but fueled rumors circulating for weeks that he was planning to resign to pursue a career on TV. In his letter he said he considered himself to be "among the most fortunate people on earth."
"It is now time for me to devote more of my daily life to my own young family and to pursue the many opportunities that have been offered to me outside the judicial system, and I have disregarded until now," Seidlin wrote to Gov. Charlie Crist.

"While these opportunities are varied, they all share in common a further commitment to helping my fellow citizens through roles in the educational system, the media and non-profit organizations."

Seidlin would not comment further and his attorney, Dave Bogenschutz, declined to say what exactly the judge plans to do. Shortly after the judge came to prominence, CBS national Saturday morning show wrote and invited him to consider taking on a TV judge spot on that channel. It is not clear whether he got offers or not.

Seidlin has served on the Broward bench for 29 years.
Larry Seidlin was an eccentric goofball as far as TFM was concerned. That however is an improvement on the rest of Broward's judicial system where knuckleheads can be found almost anywhere you look.

Talking about Knucklehead Judges, Lawarence Korda also recently announced his retirement.

Not wanting to face a possible judicial inquiry over his marijuana citation, a Broward County judge has opted to retire.

After more than 28 years as a jurist, Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda on Thursday announced his retirement.

The Family Court judge, who has been on voluntary paid leave, will formally depart from the bench July 2.

Korda, 59, declined to comment Thursday morning, although he did wave to a reporter from within his chambers.

On that day, Hollywood police officers saw Korda smoking a joint under a tree near a group of children. He was ticketed and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.
TFM isn't sorry to see Korda go. He broke the law, which should have led to his immediate removal from the bench. Just more proof how sick the Broward County court system is.

So two judgeships are open down there, will a normal person who respects the law be nominated to replace Seidlin and Korda? Good question isn't it?

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