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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can't count

Apparently Sun-Sentinel Columnist Dave Hyde can't do simple math-

But the LPGA is full of players going through far more and still winning.

Lopez won 28 times after the birth of her child. Juli Inkster won 26 times after becoming a mother and still travels with a 17- and 12-year-old (and you thought a two-week family vacation was tough?)
If you go and check Inkster's and Nancy's records at LPGA.Com, you get an entirely different count.

Nancy has won 48 LPGA titles, plus 4 more unofficial victories. In 1983 Nancy gave birth to her first child.

Prior to that, Nancy won 25 tour events, plus 2 unofficial titles. That means Nancy garnered 25 of her wins, not 28 after giving birth for the first time. Also note, I'm giving Dave Hyde a break on that calculation. For Nancy won twice in 1983, and I can't determine if those wins came before or after the golfer gave birth. I'm counting them as after.

As for Inkster, Juli had her first daughter in 1990. Juli has won 31 LPGA tournaments and another six unofficial events.

Prior to her first child, Juli won 13 tournaments and one unofficial event. She did not win any tournaments in 1990.

That means Juli won 23 times, not 26 as Dave Hyde wrote. Both players have had great careers, on and off the course. It would be nice if a Sun-Sentinel writer would just get his facts straight for a change. How hard is it do the math I did? It took me five minutes. I guess sportswriters can write as much fiction as they want. Its only sports after all.

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