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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Armed with a leg

Some news from Orlando. Will the robber's 'weapon' be confiscated as evidence?

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A robber in a wheelchair attacked a man in Orlando overnight with his prosthetic leg then took off with cash and a bottle of beer, police said.

Antonio Jennings, 21, told Orlando police he was walking behind the Mobil gas station on the 2800 block of West Colonial Drive at about 11:30 p.m. Monday when a couple of men approached him.

Jennings recognized one man as "Walter" and the other as "Woody," who was in a wheelchair. The victim said Woody struck him in the face with his fake leg, robbed him of $30 in cash, an assortment of identification cards and his bottle of beer.

If caught, Woody could face armed robbery charges for clobbering and robbing Jennings with his prosthetic leg.

"When an object is used as a threat of force in a robbery, it is considered an armed robbery and the [fake] leg is considered a weapon in this case," said Orlando Police spokeswoman Sgt. Barbara Jones.

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