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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hang him by the boyon

Some news from the Bahamas-

NASSAU, Bahamas - A Bahamian man who is to be flogged 10 times with a whip for raping a 6-year-old girl will appeal that part of his sentence, his lawyer said Monday.

Andrew Bridgewater was sentenced to the flogging and seven years in prison for attacking the girl. He will not seek to reduce his prison sentence but should be spared corporal punishment, defense attorney Wayne Watson said in an interview.

The whipping — from a whip made of nine, knotted cords — would come in two sessions spread over two weeks.

"Seven years was enough under law, but the cat-o'-nine tails is harsh and inhumane," Watson said, noting that his client has shown remorse.

Prosecutors had sought a 14-year sentence last month in addition to flogging after Bridgewater pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with the child. The girl was hospitalized for more than two weeks after she was raped and left in an abandoned car last year.

Some Bahamians deplore the cat-o'-nine-tails as a legacy of slavery. The Grand Bahama Human Rights Association has denounced it as a "a vicious, obscene and sordid invention by white slave masters" that should be abolished.
Flogging and 14 years in jail are too soft a sentence for Mr. Bridgewater. Raping a 6-year-old girl is an act of animal and if justice was appropriately served, Mr. Bridgewater would suffer a long slow and painful death.

I'll let my readers guess what boyon means. Its from my wife's Filipino dialect.

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