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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Two weeks

From the Sun-Sentinel-

Pembroke Pines -- A 13-year-old girl faces two weeks suspension for fabricating a sexual assault tale that prompted authorities to lock down her school for two hours Thursday, they said.

The 7th-grader told Pines Middle School officials that a man attacked her in a bathroom Thursday morning, said Pembroke Pines police spokesman Sgt. John Jacob. About 11 a.m., police put the school of 1,450 students at 200 Northwest Douglas Road on lockdown. They searched for the suspect she said was a janitor and found no one. Video of the bathroom also showed the girl was the only person who went in an out of it, Jacob said.

The girl then admitted she had lied and authorities lifted the lockdown about 1 p.m.

Broward Schools spokeswoman Marsy Smith said the girl will be suspended for two weeks.
This girl has a school turned upside down for at least two hours because of a fake rape accusion, which probably had all the school janitors falsely accused of a crime and grilled by the police and she gets two weeks suspension. Anyone else besides me think this is not an adequate punishment?

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