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Saturday, May 05, 2007

No brains involved- Broward Judge Charles Greene

Knucklehead Broward County Judge Charles Greene is back in the news.

Circuit Judge Charles Greene is headed to the civil division, a day after requesting removal from the criminal bench. Greene, Broward's chief criminal court judge, made the request Tuesday after making a comment deemed racially insensitive.

Greene said he used the term "NHI,' or "No Humans Involved," after a jury acquitted a man of attempted murder not to disparage anyone, but to characterize jurors' views of witness' testimony.

Chief Judge Dale Ross agreed Wednesday to have Greene temporarily swap dockets with Circuit Civil Judge Robert Rosenberg, courthouse spokesman Chris Stotz said.

Ross did not say when the changeover would occur, what Greene's permanent reassignment would be, or who would fill Greene's role as criminal administrative chief judge.
Greene is a disgrace to the bench, and Chief Judge Dale Ross only slightly better.(According to the a local television report, Ross thinks the courthouse is being unfairly scrutunized! He's a public official, we can scrutunize him and all Broward County Judges as much as we want) If Greene had any character, he'd resign from the bench or announce he's quitting. Jurors get paid little for their time and effort but have to make decisions effecting people's lives. They are due respect, and obviously Greene thinks he is always right. The Broward Court courts and police are a fiasco. I'm glad not to be living in that state of anarchy. The trouble is, I have to visit down there at least a half dozen times a year. Say a prayer I don't get caught up in this mess one day.

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