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Friday, May 04, 2007

Easy come, easy go South Florida style

The Hallandale City Commission voted themselves $55,000 a year pay raises on Wednesday.

Over a taxpayer-funded lunch of steak and chicken sandwiches on Wednesday, Hallandale Beach commissioners raised their annual pay by nearly $55,000 and catapulted themselves into the salary stratosphere for part-time public servants.

Starting immediately, commissioners will earn $75,000 a year.

In a tight budget year when the Legislature nixed raises for state employees, commissioners in the city of 35,000 voted 3-2 to more than triple their current salary of $21,196.
This would have been worthy of a Knucklehead award until this news was reported in the Sun-Sentinel.

HALLANDALE BEACH – City commissioners on Friday rescinded the $55,000 a year pay raises that they gave themselves on Wednesday.

The hike would have boosted commission paychecks for each of the part-time politicians from around $20,000 annually to about $75,000.

Friday's vote to kill the raise was unanimous. It was was brought up by Vice Mayor Bill Julian who called for the original vote two days earlier. He has been under intense public pressure and media scrutiny since that 3-2 vote.
The voice of the people was heard! Can I make these thieves honorary knuckleheads?

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