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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Those are some mighty fine waffles

From the Tampa Tribune-

KEY WEST - Police in Key West say two women yelled at a Waffle House cashier and started to beat another woman over a $34 bill.

The women yelled at the cashier and told her that they weren’t paying their tab. According to police reports, when another woman tried to intervene, the two disgruntled customers started to beat her.

The women fled without paying their tab, but one of the restaurant’s cooks told authorities that the pair often visits the area.
This is the second recent story about trouble breaking out at this food establishment. I used to eat in these restaurants when visiting Orlando in order to play in tournaments. Even when I had steak and eggs, this was less than six years ago, with tip I didn't spend $10.

So what is going on with these people and or Waffle House?

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