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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter CXV

Police are cracking down on vandals in the Orlando area, so vandals are fighting back. By taking aim at an unoccupied police vehicles. Don't you just love Florida?

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Vandals fired shots at a parked Orange County deputy cruiser overnight possibly in retaliation for beefed up law enforcement in an area known for criminal activity.

Deputies were engaged in an area foot patrol at 12:57 a.m. near 20th Street and Parramore Avenue, just north of Kaley Street, when they heard gun shots.

When they returned to their parked vehicles, deputies realized one cruiser had fresh bullet holes and shattered windows.

"Someone either walking by, driving by or on bicycle fired three rounds into the unoccupied vehicle," said commander Tom Cockriel of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Cockriel said the vandalism to the deputy's cruiser might be in retaliation for increased law enforcement presence in the area.

"This is an area known for narcotics, concealed weapons calls and other criminal incidents. We've added more deputies in the area and because of that, some people who are doing that kind of business here are upset about it," said Cockriel. "It's their attempt at intimidation, but it does absolutely nothing for us. We'll probably step it [patrolling] up and be less lenient."

No one was injured, and deputies are considering the incident criminal mischief.

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