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Monday, May 21, 2007

Go away Basil Dalack

From the Palm Beach Post-

TEQUESTA — Basil Dalack may be a peace activist, but he's determined to fight one battle all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Less than a month after a federal appeals panel ruled against him in his fight to declare the village of Tequesta's oath of office unconstitutional, Dalack said he is taking over his own case and requesting a hearing before the full appellate court.

"It's a very important issue and I feel very strongly about it and I think I'm serving the constituents by doing what I'm doing," Dalack said.

Dalack won a seat on the village council more than a year ago, but the war veteran is still charging that the oath of office he had to recite before taking office is unconstitutional.

He first sued the village in April 2006, then appealed his case after a federal judge ruled against him. Meanwhile, the village filled his position with the caveat that if Dalack was successful, the new council member would step down.

Dalack said he and his former attorney, Richard Rosenthal, "mutually" agreed to part ways last week. Dalack, a retired appellate attorney, will represent himself in the case.

His arguments against the oath focus on what he says is a vague requirement that officials support the "government."

He can't do that he says, because he opposes certain government policies - President's Bush stance on global warming, for instance, and, more importantly, the war in Iraq - and to oppose and support the federal government at the same time is impossible.
Dalack won a Knucklehead award. Why can't a Florida court force this idiot to re-imburse Tequesta for the legal expenses in fighting his idiotic lawsuit? Oh yes, the Florida legal system is full of idiots and is rarely ever just.

Nothing will come of the appeal to the USSC. Dalack is a publicity hound, among other things.

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