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Friday, May 18, 2007


The month of May is full of anniversaries for TFM. Today May 18th is the first among them.

Today marks the day(In 1988) I first met my wife. We were introduced to one another by a mutual friend. This all took place in the Philippines.

The first thing Leonita says after we're introduced?

"How tall are you?"
See my stands barely 5' tall and I'm 6'1. Those short but lovely Filipinas, you got to love them.

A goddaughter of Leonita named Jennibeth aka JenJen, when first seeing me before my marriage in 1989 said-

"Dako Tawo."
That means big man.

JenJen was our ringbearer when Leonita and I married. In a photo afterwards, she can be seen hiding behind her Aunt Lorna. LOL.

TFM's second blogiversary is May 27th. Leonita and I celebrate 18 years of marriage on May 30.

Enough about myself for today. Leonita has the patience of Job for putting up with me for so long.

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