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Friday, April 13, 2007

We're moving across the street, you're fired

The following was reported in today's Palm Beach Post.

With a new Super Target to open in Boynton Beach this summer, Target Corp. is closing its smaller, older store at 1901 N. Congress Ave. in Boynton Beach in July.

This news is of interest to me mostly because this is the closest Target Store to my house. The new Super Target will also be located on N. Congress less than a mile from the older's store location.

Note- There is no link at the Post website for this news. I'm typing it straight out of today's paper. Any typos are my own, not the Post's fault.

The retailer this week told the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation that it will lay off 160 workers July 24. A store manager declined to comment on whether the wokers would be hired at the new store at the Boynton Village development on Congress Avenue.
Ok the store is being moved. So why lay off 160 employees. Some employees won't be needed while the store is being set up, but to this blogger it seems cruel to lose your job not to mention bad PR for Target Stores just because a store is being relocated a mile away.

The store manager's non answer and the report to the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation make me inclined to believe Target Stores is conducting a mass firing. This wouldn't surprise me considering this bit of news or this. I've contacted Target's media relations department in order to get an answer to what is happening in Boynton Beach. If Target replies, I'll post again on this subject. If this is a firing, I'll almost certainly give this corporation a Knucklehead award.

Update- I just spoke to Lena Michaud at Taget's corporate offices. Target isn't firing any of the mentioned store's employees at all but will be transferring them to the New Super Target. Plus over 100 more employees will be hired in addition to those being transferred.

Chalk another one up for careless and Knucklehead reporting at the Palm Beach Post. I get honorable mention for falling for the stupid clueless work those idiots in West Palm Beach produce on a regular basis.

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