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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ethically challenged in Palm Beach Gardens

Another Palm Beach County politician who doesn't know what a conflict of interest is. From the Palm Beach Post-

Palm Beach Gardens Mayor Joe Russo and former City Councilman Carl Sabatello may have violated state ethics laws when they voted on items involving the Mirasol development, the state ethics commission said Wednesday.

The commission found probable cause that Russo may have had conflicts of interest when he voted on two measures that involved Sabatello's development company and Mirasol, the residential community on PGA Boulevard west of Florida's Tunpike where Sabatello did business. Russo is Sabatello's accountant.

It also found that Sabatello may have had similar conflicts between September and November 2000 when he voted on matters affecting Mirasol while his company was negotiating to participate in the project. Conflicts also may exist on measures involving four parcels and one plat in which Sabatello had an interest.

The state will convene formal hearings in both cases before it determines whether a violation has occurred. Wednesday's announcement stems from a complaint filed more than three years ago by a North Palm Beach resident, who was a supporter of a candidate running against Sabatello at the time.


State ethics laws prohibit elected officials from voting on issues that provide a "special private gain" to themselves or business associates.
That's pretty a simple rule to me. Any honest person who can read, should know votes like the ones the Palm Beach Gardens Mayor took part in are clear ethics violations. So if Russo can read, we have to assume we have another dishonest crook in office. Hasn't the County had enough of those already?

Time to resign Mayor Russo.

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