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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mad Bull

Some news from New York. Maybe he mistook the car for a funny looking cow.

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HEBRON, N.Y. - A woman pulled into her driveway and spotted something big inside her garage. That something turned out to be a bull. And an angry bull at that.

Mabel Washburn says she drove to a nearby relative's home in rural Washington County to call police after coming face to face with the bull on Wednesday afternoon. When she returned to her home near the Vermont border a few minutes later, the bull was still there.

The 81-year-old woman says the animal then rammed its horns into her Ford Escort a couple of times. She blew her horn at it, but the bull chased the vehicle as she drove away.

She says the bull, which had gotten loose from a nearby pasture, eventually wandered into a swamp.

Sheriff's deputies ticketed the bull's owner for allowing it to get loose.


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