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Friday, April 13, 2007

Church gossip

From the Palm Beach Post-

Not only is the Rev. John Skehan charged with misappropriating millions of dollars from St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church in Delray Beach, but also he was a drunken, obsessed and jealous man, according to a former church employee.

Colleen Head, now 29, began working at the church in her teens and was married there in 2001. Her mother, Terese Duffey, also worked at the church.

Skehan, 79, paid for Head to visit him in his native Ireland in 1999, where he spent summers. In a diary she kept of the trip and turned over to prosecutors, Head described her love of Ireland and her revulsion for Skehan.

The priest was a drunken driver, obsessed with her and jealous of her relationship with his nephew, Sean Kennedy, Head wrote in the diary.

"Father Skehan has driven me crazy!" she wrote in one entry. "He is such an ass!"
Was this news worthy of a front page story in yesterday's local section of the Post? My wife has worked for our parrish and can relate plenty of inside gossip.(But wouldn't because of her job). Is it newsworthy to publish tales of personality conflict at work? If it is, I'm sure the Post could fill pages upon pages of newsprint just about what goes on at that Cox Communications Publcation's offices.

Note- Here are my previous posts on Fr. Skehan.

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