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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Burning Chads

Some news from the Philippines.

MANILA (AFP) - A major fire broke out at the Philippines Election Commission headquarters late Saturday, barely two months before national elections, firefighters and officials reported.

Most of the wooden building in the heart of the historic Intramuros district of Manila was destroyed, but Election Commission chairman Benjamin Abalos said the building contained only old records.

"There is nothing for our countrymen to be worried about. Our list of voters is safe in another building nearby," Abalos told local radio.

National polls are due to be held in the Philippines on May 14 to elect the entire 250-member House of Representatives, half the 24-strong Senate and more than 17,000 public officials, including governors and mayors.

Abalos said that "not even one paper there (in the burning building) can affect the coming elections."

However, he expressed concern that the fire might spread to the newer building, where the May election documents were kept.

The origin of the fire was not known and there were no immediate reports of casualties, firefighters on the scene said.
Just imagine if this happened in Florida. It may be the lead item on the NBC evening news.

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