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Friday, March 09, 2007

Agricultural tax break

From the Miami Herald-

Drivers heading south on Interstate 75 this morning were brought to a halt by several large, four-legged creatures roaming the highway.

Traffic helicopters overhead revealed at least nine brown cows meandering across the busy road at Northwest 138th Street (Graham Dairy Road) in Northwest Miami-Dade.

Road Rangers from the Florida Department of Transportation headed to the area about 8:30 a.m.

Cows aren't common in South Florida but are kept by developers and owners of vacant land because their presence can reduce the tax rate on the property by reclassifying it as agricultural.Just

Just add this to the other joys of living in Florida. Hurricanes, pythons, alligators and sink holes to name a few.

The part about vacant land being kept stocked with cows so as to furnish a tax break seems believable to me. Less than fives from my home, and directly across from a mall is a large piece of land with livestock on it. I always wondered why it hadn't been turned into a shopping center yet.

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