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Friday, March 09, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter XC

Shopping for cars can be dangerous to your health.

DAVIE -- Two men possibly shopping for cars at an auto auction suffered broken legs after they were crushed between two vehicles, police said

The crash occurred about 10:30 a.m. at the Miami/Lauderdale Auto Auction lot, 5353 South State Road 7, said police spokesman Lt. Bill Bamford.

One worker drove a car down a lane for customers to view it and stopped. A second car following it, Bamford said, did not stop and ran into the two men who stood behind the first vehicle.

The men suffered compound fractures in the legs, Bamford said.

Paramedics took them to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. Three other people were "bumped" during the crash and were treated at the scene.

The injured men, who may have been shopping for cars, were not immediately identified, he said.
Those injured men should get free cars at the very least. The question remains- Did the driver who caused the accident get fired? In Florida you never know. Don't you just love this state?

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