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Monday, February 12, 2007

Here kitty, kitty,

From the Sun-Sentinel-

NAPLES ยท Gov. Charlie Crist wants to hire an advocate to manage an increasing number of complaints about run-ins between people and the rebounding population of the endangered Florida panther.

Crist's budget proposal unveiled Feb. 2 includes about $231,000 for a state panther campaign, including a $37,567 salary and $26,211 vehicle for a panther advocate. The Legislature must approve the position.

In recent years, panthers have rebounded from the brink of extinction, from roughly 30 to about 100 on the southwestern edge of the Everglades.

But the big cats have been blamed for killing emus from a zoo, and goats and dogs from rural back yards. Documented panther attacks on livestock jumped from two in 2004 to six in 2006. Biologists also are reporting more panther deaths on Florida highways.

I'm all for protecting the Panthers(Though they have been fruitful and multiplying of late.), I just think the state of Florida has enough bureaucracy and more isn't needed. What's next a manatee advocate? An advocate for alligators? An advocate for people who don't turn off their left hand turn blinkers?

All of you who are interested in the job, go ahead and apply. TFM just thinks it
should be someone like this.

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