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Saturday, February 10, 2007

First one wrist and then the other

The latest Michelle Wie news-

HONOLULU - Michelle Wie injured her wrist in a fall while running and is wearing a hard cast that will keep her away from golf for at least a month, a family spokesman said Friday.

Spokesman Jesse Derris said the 17-year-old injured her left wrist this week and that her doctors expect it will take four to six weeks to heal. Wie's right wrist was tightly taped from an injury last month at the Sony Open, where she missed the cut.

"Michelle's playing schedule will be altered as needed to allow the injury to fully heal," he said.

Wie wasn't planning to play in either the SBS Open or the Fields Open the next two weeks in Honolulu when the LPGA Tour season gets under way. But the injury raises questions whether she will recover in time for the Kraft Nabisco Championship, the first LPGA major of the year that starts March 29.
I think it would be a rest if Michelle skipped the Nabisco and take as much time to heel as needed. If she comes back too early, Michelle takes the chance of making this a chronic injury.

Somehow I see Michelle rushing her comeback. Either because of her demanding/driven parents or for financial reasons. I hope it doesn't backfire.

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