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Sunday, February 25, 2007

For your consideration

If you're considering a vote for Senator John McCain, you ouught to read what Carren(wife of milblogger Chuck) writes of a meeting they had at Walter Reed with the Presidential hopfeful.

Senator is not a word I would use for McCain. JERK (or asshat, as Chuck usually says) is more like it. When Chuck was in the hospital, Jerk came to "visit" us. A quick story before I tell you what happened:

A few weeks before Chuck was wounded I watched a TV movie that protrayed Jerk's time as a POW during Vietnam. I was intrigued by the story and developed a lot of respect for what he endured, and the fact that his wife waited all those years for him to return home. I knew bits and pieces of the story before watching the movie, and I knew his arms were badly damaged due to the torture he received. I had a lot of respect for the man... then I met him.

When he first walked in I was honored to meet him. He shook my hand and Alice's hand, then walked over to Chuck's bedside. After a lousy 5 minutes or so, the Jerk said (and I quote):

"Well, we all know what we're here for... let's do the photo op."

EXCUSE ME!!!??? The PHOTO OP???!!!!
Go over and read the rest of the post and wish Chuck well as he still recovers from his wounds suffered in Iraq back in 2005. If Carren feels that way about McCain, we can just imagine what Chuck's opinion of the Senator is. LOL.

The 2008 Presidential elections looks more like 'hold your nose time while you vote' with each passing day.

Hat tip- Greta at Hooah Wife and Friends. Now there is someone I can vote for. Wanna run Greta?
Correction- The post at HWAF was by Sis B
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