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Saturday, February 03, 2007


The latest exhibit in how screwed up the US law enforcement and legal system is. From the Bradenton Herald-

BRADENTON - A Bradenton Police officer who pulled a shopping cart full of a homeless woman's possessions 12 miles to the county jail, was suspended for 30 working days without pay Thursday.

Officer Nicholas Evans, however, was not disciplined because of how he helped the woman, which drew national attention, but for how he later disobeyed an order involving another shopping cart.

Evans' wife said Thursday that the officer would appeal the suspension.

Before dawn Jan. 9, Evans arrested Marie L. Brooks, 42, as she pushed a shopping cart full of various items along the 900 block of Martin Luther King Avenue East. Brooks was wanted on a warrant for contempt of court.

After contemplating what to do with the cart and its contents, as well as contacting Brooks' family members who wouldn't take possession of the items, Evans decided to bring the cart to the Manatee County jail.

For 12 miles, Evans pulled the shopping cart full of the homeless woman's items, with his left arm hanging out the window, gripping the cart.

The journey, which took almost an hour, landed him in hot water with his superiors.

Across the country, advocates for the homeless praised what they said was Evans' thoughtfulness and compassion.

But the top brass of the department did just the opposite, noting the lack of overall safety used in the incident and criticizing his judgment.

Evans' choice to repeat the act during his next shift, less than 24 hours later, led to his suspension Thursday.

In the second incident, Evans was patrolling in the 300 block of Manatee Avenue East when he noticed another shopping cart. This one was empty and owned by a CVS store three blocks away.

The store was closed, so no one could come pick it up. After it was discovered that the cart wouldn't fit in Evans' truck because it was full, a sergeant directed him to push it back to CVS. He specifically stated that Evans not do what he had done the shift before, but Evans repeated the act anyway.

I'm not approving of what Evans did but no pay? Cops shoot homeowners, help to kill unborn children through neglect, See Judges throw jurors in jail, and they all still get paid but Evans does not. Does all of this tell you our justice system is seriously broken at present?

It does to me.

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