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Saturday, February 03, 2007

More DCF Follies

That Knucklehead of a Florida agency is back in the news.

Four workers have falsified information about their visits to Palm Beach County's abused and neglected children in recent months, according to state investigations.

One Department of Children and Families child abuse investigator reported that she went to a home to see two children, but was fired after admitting she never went in because she was afraid of the family's dog.

Her supervisor told investigators from the DCF inspector general that the children probably should have been taken into state custody that day.

Another DCF investigator recorded a visit to children whose parents said they were at a softball game the entire day, according to the inspector general. She resigned but said her report was honest.

In another case, a Children's Home Society worker failed to discover for five months that three children were probably living with their mother in violation of a court order. A state report says he admitted to recording the children's signatures for two consecutive months when he did not actually see all of them at the home of the aunt who had custody.

He disputes that, saying that he admitted falsifying only one sighting of one child on one day in May, when two of the children were there and the aunt said the third was out playing basketball. He resigned in July, three months before the state opened its investigation into his case.

Those three cases were referred to the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office for review and are still open.
None of the above ranks as bad as the bungling of Michelle Fontanez, however this just supplies further proof of how bad this agency is. Their first priority aren't children but themselves. I have a great deal of respect for the new DCF head Robert Butterworth, but I think this agency is too far gone for even him to turn around. That's unless Butterworth fires everyone working at DCF now. At the moment I think that is the only thing that will change that agency.

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