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Friday, February 02, 2007

Party Poopers

From the Miami Herald-

Frustrated again by stalled contract negotiations, Miami's police union plans to stage protests today at two Super Bowl parties.

Another protest is planned for Saturday, and union organizers may even hold a rally on Super Bowl Sunday.

Miami's Fraternal Order of Police says the city this week was supposed to discuss an increase in salary but abruptly canceled their meeting.

''I'm still in a state of shock that this city's administration hasn't planned ahead and got this contract over with,'' said union President Armando Aguilar. ``I'm bewildered.''

The protests come some three months after the police union staged a raucous protest at Miami's Carnival Center for the Performing Arts. Officers have also staged rallies at Miami City Hall and in front of elected officials at a conference sponsored by Miami Mayor Manny Diaz.
The Carnival Center protest earned the Miami Police and the FOP a Knucklehead award. They haven't learned anything in the interim, but instead acted again like a spoiled child who doesn't get what they want and throws a temper tantrum in retaliation. If they act like this off the job, you wonder how professional these men and women can be at their jobs.

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