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Friday, February 02, 2007

London bound

The Dolphins home game agaist The New York Giants will be played next October 28th.

MIAMI BEACH -- The NFL announced Friday that the Dolphins will play the New York Giants in a regular season game October 28 at Wembley Stadium in London.

The game, which was originally scheduled for Dolphin Stadium, will be aired on FOX Sports. Kickoff time was not immediately known.

"It will be a terrific start, a smashing start some may stay, to start in London," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said today during a media briefing. "We're thrilled to be back."

The Dolphins-Giants match-up will mark the first regular season game played overseas.
The Dolphins have a quirky history with the New York Giants. The teams have only met 5 times, the fewest of any non-expansion NFC team Miami plays. From 1973-89, the two teams never met. One game was lost in 1987 due to a strike.

I know the NFL is trying to create international interest in the sport, but as a Dolphin fan I don't I'd rather see the team play the game in Miami The main reason being that the team will lose valuable time preparing for that game and the game after due to the travel required. Traditionally Miami has had their bye week in late October or early November, so they may gain a partial break.

Question- Did Miami Dolphin management consent to having the site of the game moved or does the NFL have the right to move a game's location without a team's approval?

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