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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A cross is a cross

From the Pensacola News-Journal-

The Milton Police Department determined Friday that a cross found atop a radio station tower is a device installed at the time the tower was built and not placed there more recently as an act of vandalism.

"That cross is a lightning arrestor that was put there when the tower went up," Milton Police Chief Greg Brand said. "It was bolted on with the same bolts used in construction of the tower."

According to the police report, a previous owner of WECM-AM Memories 1490 said the arrestor was installed when the tower was erected in 2005. The report also cited several technical sources that said such devices are sometimes used at facilities such as WECM.

Current owner Baron of Fulwood rejects the department's findings.

Earlier in the week, Fulwood reported that he believed the cross had been placed on the tower in an act of vandalism that dislodged wires and diminished the station's signal.

Fulwood, who is Jewish, believes the cross was put atop the tower to harass him.

"It was not here when I purchased the station (in 2005), and it was not there when I had work done on the station," Fulwood said. "If I had ever seen a cross on top of my station, it would have come down. I would have found another way to deal with lightning."

Brand said he believes Fulwood made an honest mistake and may not have noticed the device before, noting that it was not visible from the front of the station.

"I think he jumped to conclusions," Brand said. "He could have been genuine in thinking someone put a cross on his tower and in thinking that could have done some damage. I don't challenge that."
Either Fullwood is an idiot who doesn't know his own property and radio station, or someone trying to invent a crime in order to maybe get an insurance company to pay for repairs.

What do you think?

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