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Sunday, February 18, 2007

You got that right Randy

TFM has given Palm Beach Post columnist and head of the editorial page Randy Schultz two knucklehead awards in the past. In spite of this I've also said Randy is my favorite columnist at the Post. Ok I find most of his other colleagues unreadable, their far left leanings being too much to endure.

Today's column is a perfect example of why I sometimes like Mr. Schultz. Talking about high taxes and what can be done about them he writes-

Myth: Creating a state income tax would solve the problem.

Fact: Voters would have to change the state constitution, and that isn’t going to happen. Not that the idea wouldn’t improve the system. Under Save Our Homes, the more expensive the house, the more the owner’s increased value is sheltered from taxes. An income tax would be fairer than the current property tax system, but Florida will have an income tax when the University of Florida drops football.
LOL, no the UF would abolish football before an income tax is ever passed in this state. Florida won't allow itself ever to become like Connecticut.

See I can say something nice about the Palm Beach Post. Just till they the paper earns its next Knucklehead. Stay tuned.

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