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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The name has changed

But the owner is still a Knuclehead.

Former Miami Heat star Tim Hardaway's name is off his South Dixie Highway carwash, just days after he declared on a local radio program, ``I hate gay people.''

Hardaway apologized, but the backlash has cost him a national endorsement deal and an appearance at the NBA's All-Star Game weekend activities.

A local gay-rights group then called for a boycott of Hardaway's US 1 Finest Hand Car Wash at South Dixie Highway and Bird Road.

Saturday a new sign went up: Grand Luxe Auto Bathe.

Like Rick at SOTP said. 'Yeah, no one is going to realize it's the same business, Tim.' Only if the person is from out of town or can't read.
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