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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bad knee

Duante Culpepper's 1st season with the Dolphins appears to be over.

DAVIE — Even before Dolphins coach Nick Saban announced Thursday that quarterback Daunte Culpepper underwent another operation on his surgically repaired right knee in Alabama, he realized what was about to happen.

"I know that everyone's going to have 100 questions about this," Saban said.

He is correct.

The Dolphins quarterback underwent arthroscopic surgery on the knee to remove a loose piece of cartilage that was causing what Culpepper termed a "sharp pain."

"I played through some pain in the first four games and didn't feel that I had an explosive burst, but the problem couldn't be detected by an MRI," Culpepper said through a statement released by the team. "Now that this has been repaired I'll be able to resume working as hard as I can in my rehabilitation program."

Another surgery on Culpepper's troubled right knee - even if it was a simple arthroscope to remove a piece of loose cartilage - raises the obvious question: Has Culpepper played his final snap with the Dolphins this season?

Saban insisted the surgery will not "affect his roster status right now. It does not affect his future here," but with five weeks remaining, the odds of Culpepper playing again this season have become increasingly longer.

Who is Saban kidding? Culpepper is as done as a Thanksgiving Day Turkey after four hours in the oven.

The Dolphins are looking increasingly like a turkey themselves. They gave up a 2nd round pick for damaged goods and then blew the first half of the season sorting out the QB problems as a result of playing Culpepper. I was never a fan of signing Culpepper and now I have to worry this is another AJ Feeley like fiasco for Miami. Will the Dolphins end up having to give up a draft pick to unload Culpepper too? No I don't think Miami can be that dumb again.(Crossing fingers)

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