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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Quarterback shopping

With the labor dispute past them, the Miami Dolphins are out shopping for a quarterback. San Diego's Drew Brees and Minnesota's Dante Culpepper top the list.

Will Miami succeed in signing one of them? Who knows. Brees is definitely the better of the two options. He is a better quarterback, plus the injury he is coming off isn't as serious as Culpepper's. To be honest, if Miami doesn't land Brees I think they should pass on Culpepper. Miami would be better off investing a draft pick on a QB. That means Gus Frerotte would probably be the Dolphins starter in 2006.(Sage Rosenfels has signed with the Houston Texans) If you haven't read TFM regularly, I'm no fan of Frerotte. I just feel a good draft pick isn't worth the risk for Culpepper. His mobility is key to quartebacking and a servere knee injury is going to cut that down. Therefore Culpepper's ability is reduced. I think he is just too big a risk. Miami is liable to do another AJ Feeley if they make a deal for Culpepper.

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DAVIE — The Miami Dolphins' search for a new quarterback intensified Saturday, when an early morning visit to free agent Drew Brees led to lengthy evening discussions with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

The Dolphins are expected to have a new quarterback by the end of today, two sources said. The decision on which quarterback — Brees or Culpepper — will be based on today's meeting with Brees in South Florida.

The Dolphins, who anticipate landing one of the two, began courting Brees shortly after sunrise Saturday, the first day of free agency, a source said.

Coach Nick Saban and General Manager Randy Mueller flew in owner Wayne Huizenga's private jet to Birmingham, Ala., where Brees is rehabilitating his injured shoulder.

After the meeting, Brees boarded a plane at noon to meet with the New Orleans Saints. He was to stay overnight, meet with the Saints again in the morning, then fly to South Florida for a more extensive meeting with the Dolphins.

Saban and Mueller did not want Brees to accept an offer from the Saints without talking to them, the source said, prompting their early flight. New Orleans is expected to offer a large amount of guaranteed money to Brees.

If the Saints offer Brees the right amount of money today, there is a possibility he would accept on the spot. Potential of such a scenario led the Dolphins to engage in discussions with Culpepper, a source said.

The Vikings, who permitted the discussions, are trying to trade the quarterback after a troubled relationship led to the desire to part ways. Since both the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders have pulled out of the Culpepper sweepstakes, Miami became the front-runner to land him if Brees goes to the Saints, a source said.

Rumors also swirled through league circles that Culpepper, who tore three ligaments in his knee in a game last year, traveled from his Orlando home to meet with the Dolphins in Davie. While those rumors couldn't be confirmed, discussions between the two parties did take place, several sources said.

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