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Saturday, December 23, 2006

An ace at customer service

From the Daytona News-Journal-

The caller told the woman he was her grandson and that he needed $3,000 immediately in order to get out of a Canadian jail after a fishing trip turned illegal.

Of course, it was a sham.

Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety Sgt. Mike Fowler said police were called to the ACE Cash Express office in Daytona Beach on Friday morning after an 85-year-old woman attempted to send $3,000 to her "grandson" in Toronto.

The man had called the octogenarian and said "Guess who this is?" said Fowler. When the woman said she had no idea who it was, the scammer replied, "It's one of your grandchildren."

At that point, the victim, who asked not to be identified, volunteered her grandson's name, giving the suspect the ammunition he needed.

The man then told the elderly woman that he was on a fishing trip with friends in Toronto and that he had caught a fish that was on the endangered species list. He said he was incarcerated and needed the money to get out of jail.

"These are people who will use this 'I'm your grandson,' line and they'll call several elderly people until they find someone who takes the bait," Fowler said.

The man then instructed the woman to go to ACE Cash Express at Ridgewood and Mason avenues and wire $3,000 to an address in Toronto, Fowler said.

"But the clerks there caught on to it and told her that she was not sending the money because it was a scam," Fowler said.

The ACE Cash Express employee who refused to send the money to the suspect was not allowed to speak to a reporter Friday, but Fowler called her a hero.

"This woman was so kind and honest and she wanted to help someone that she thought was her grandson," Fowler said. "These employees stopped her from doing that and we think that was great."
Yes it was, and above the normal level of customer service a person gets more often than not. Just try asking three employees at Super Target where the Bread Crumbs are. You'll still be searching.

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