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Friday, December 22, 2006

Joy Jail ride

Some news from the Sun-Sentinel.

Missing in Margate: One fire-rescue truck.

An apparent joyrider found the truck sitting in front of Fire Station No. 1 on Friday morning with the keys in the ignition and took off westbound on Park Drive before anyone could stop the thief.

Margate police Lt. Andy Zettek said officials think the person who stole the red-and-white, 2004 model International was only interested in taking it out for a spin.

"We hope to find it abandoned somewhere," he said.

Zettek said fire-rescue workers were getting the truck ready for the day in front of the fire station, 5785 Park Drive, and that someone left the keys in the ignition. Zettek was not sure whether the engine was running.

The truck has No. 18 painted on its body, and police units around South Florida have been altered to be on the lookout for the distinctive vehicle.
Only a drunk or a teenager would steal a firetruck.

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