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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Nativity Story

South Florida Style-

WELLINGTON — It took a legal fight, national headlines and a generous donor to get him here - and now the reason for the season is missing.

Someone has stolen the baby Jesus from Wellington's much ballyhooed Nativity scene at the village community center. He had been comfortably nestled there since Tuesday when the brand-new creche was installed, a courteous donation from local developer Glenn Straub.

"We had that baby strapped down, too," said a puzzled Village Manager Charlie Lynn, who said someone had to cut out the figure from its manger to take him.

Palm Beach County sheriff's Capt. Gregory Richter said that because the Nativity scene is out in the open near heavily traveled Forest Hill Boulevard, anyone could have made off with the newborn King.

"We're hoping someone will just turn it in," Richter said.
Yes I hope so too. Either that or an APB will have to be issued for a young boy and his new wagon.
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