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Saturday, December 23, 2006

From the Silly news desk

Some news from Tampa. This failed carjacker was so dumb he hid in a laundromat bathroom afterwards. Kudos to Jason Sorrow for thwarting the crime.

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TAMPA - A dad's trip to the grocery store for diapers and baby formula ended with him rescuing a woman from a carjacking, police say.

Jason Sorrow said he could hear Reana Nichols' screams over the sounds of his dual-exhaust truck and his radio as he pulled into a Kash n' Karry parking lot. Nichols struggled with Estanislao R. Cano as dozens of people watched at the shopping plaza near North 50th Street and East 10th Avenue Sunday afternoon, police and Sorrow said.

No one helped until Sorrow jumped out of his truck and ran to Nichols' aid.

"She was just hysterical," said Sorrow, 31, a Tampa father of four. "She couldn't believe that nobody was going to help. Nobody else wanted to call 911."

Sorrow said he wasn't able to call 911 until 10 minutes into the incident. which lasted about 15 minutes.

Cano, 36, of 128 Lauri Circle, was in jail late Monday on charges of felony carjacking and felony false imprisonment. His bail was set at $50,000.

Sorrow, an Ybor City tattoo artist, said he went to the store for baby supplies and decided to help because he would want someone to help his family in the same situation. He also wanted to help because his mother was killed in Atlanta when he was 5.

"It started getting personal real quick," Sorrow said.

Nichols, 22, of Tampa, told police and Sorrow she noticed Cano earlier as she was washing laundry in the shopping plaza. Cano was staring at her from outside and sitting on her car, she told Sorrow.

She put her laundry into her car and got into the driver's side about 3:35 p.m. As she tried to start her car, Cano opened the driver's side door and grabbed her keys, police said.

Cano pulled her out of the car and pushed her back in, police said. Nichols fought her way out of the car and continued to struggle with Cano.

"She was pushing, kicking," Sorrow said. "He had a solid grip on her."

Sorrow said he startled Cano and shoved him to the ground. About six people tried to surround Sorrow.

At one point, Cano ran into the coin-operated laundry and locked himself in the bathroom.

Sorrow saw a friend near Kash n' Karry and called for help as Cano came out of the bathroom and got into a car.

Sorrow yanked the driver's door open and told Cano he couldn't go.

A woman from the laundry also told Cano not to leave. Cano went inside until police arrived and arrested him, Sorrow said.

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