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Friday, November 10, 2006

Parent- Dumb, Orlando Sentinel- Dumber

From today's Orlando Sentinel-

For three days, authorities say, a Davenport father and his two sons did more than just play arcade games at the Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn in south Orange County.

According to deputy sheriffs, Alan Karcinell, 45, and his young boys illegally sold generic game tokens to hotel guests, causing an estimated loss of $506 to the hotel.

The elder Karcinell was arrested on charges of grand theft and violating a probation sentence by driving with a suspended license Wednesday night. He was being held at the Orange County Jail with bail set at $2,500.

His sons -- ages 14 and 11 -- also were arrested on grand-theft charges and booked at the Juvenile Assessment Center in Orlando.

The third-degree felonies are punishable by up to three years in prison. The Orlando Sentinel is not identifying the boys because of their ages.

"They were both working in cahoots with their father," said Carlos Padilla, a sheriff's spokesman. "What a great example the father is setting for his sons."

One of Karcinell's sons had a plastic bag with 150 Nickelodeon prize tickets that were valued at $1 and 92 tokens, each worth 25 cents.

The sheriff's report says Karcinell admitted he and his sons had sold the tokens between Monday and Wednesday to hotel guests. He also admitted making between $190 and $200 in token sales.

On Tuesday, a guest told the Nickelodeon's staff that someone was selling tokens in the hotel's mall area.

Between Monday and Tuesday, an arcade assistant manager reported finding 837 suspect tokens in the coin boxes and vending machines. On Wednesday, hotel staffers removed another 1,183 of the generic tokens.

In Karcinell's 2005 four-door Volkswagen Jetta, deputies said, they found five open plastic cups with tokens and more of the same metal pieces inside a backpack.

There is plenty of stupidity in this story. First the father for getting his sons involved in this crime. Then the boys for not reporting their father. I don't see how they could be total innocents in this story. 11 and 14-year-olds should know what is right and wrong.

Then we have the Orlando Sentinel. Does this newspaper really think they are protecting the identity of the minors when they are publishing their parent's name? How common a name is Karcinell? We're not talking Jones or Smith here.

A check of the white pages shows only one Karcinell with a listed telephone number in Florida.

Sometimes the MSM is as dumb as the criminals who they report about.

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