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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Florida the rules are different here Chapter LXIII

Add bats to the list of hazards(Bears, Pythons, Alligators, Clown Statues) both Florida citizens and visitors to the state have to endure. Don't you just love Florida?

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Thousands of bats have been dive-bombing families around a popular Brevard County restaurant, according to a WKMG-TV Local 6 News report.

Officials said the bats have infested the attic of the Back Bay restaurant in Palm Bay.

"They scare the customers basically and also they create quite a mess," Back Bay restaurant owner John Maltese said.

"It is just kind of spooky, you know," a resident told Local 6's Jessica D'Onofrio said.

Monday, a wildlife specialist was called to help control the infestation. Chris Gangraw plugged a space in the building's roof where the bats are getting in.

"Earlier today we hung some check-valves or one-way netting systems to let the bats out but they can't get back in," Gangraw said. "There are probably hundreds coming out at a time."

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