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Monday, November 13, 2006

Parking space

Its proving to be quite a week in Florida. When people aren't falling out of the sky, planes are. From the Sun-Sentinel.

WEST LANTANA -- A small single-engine airplane crash landed on a driveway southeast of the Lantana Airport shortly after 11 this morning, downing power lines and cutting power to nearby homes, but injuring no one seriously.

The pilot, 71-year-old Allan Schultz, of Palm Beach Gardens, sustained minor injuries in the crash near Lake Osborne, according to Palm Beach Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera. Schultz already was out of the plane and was walking around when emergency crews arrived. He had a cut over his nose. Schultz declined to be taken to the hospital.


The Viking plane, built in 1967, slid to a stop on a patch of grass only a few yards from the home of Chris Gius, 6821 Pine Drive, west of Lantana. Gius, who was working from home, described the sound of the crash like an earthquake. The fuselage of the plane appeared intact, but the wings were heavily damaged.

The plane, with its wings shredded and almost sheared completely off, came to rest against a car. Footage from news partner NewsChannel 5 indicated the plane may have clipped, then snagged some power lines while attempting to land. The impact uprooted or snapped several power poles and lines in the area.

"The power lines saved me and saved him, too," Gius said.

Schultz's wife, Glenda, said she learned about the crash from televised news reports shortly before noon. She said she had not heard from her husband or emergency responders, but recognized the blue and white plane when it was shown from TV helicopter reports. She described her husband as a "long-time" pilot.

By noon, Florida Power & Light was at the crash site trying to restore power.

The cause of the crash was under investigation.

TFM kept his electricity in spite of living less than a half mile from Lantana airport. I've been living in this neighborhood for 17 years and in that time there have to been at least six other incidents here.(A Carnival Airlines 727 jet almost mistook Lantana airport for PBIA about 10 years ago) Just pray I don't have a plane come down in my driveway one day.

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