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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekly Dolphins prediction

The Miami Dolphins(1-4) play at the New York Jets(2-3) this afternoon. This will be third consecutive road game for the fins.

Joey Harrington will start at QB for the second week in a row. Daunte Culpepper is out till his knee is 100%. He's been playing hurt all year, but it took four weeks and a 1-3 record against teams that have one non-Dolphin win for Saban to finally play Joey Harrington last week. The Dolphins year probably up in smoke at week 5.

The Palm Beach Post has a long article about Harrington. Is he better than the four miserable years in Detroit show? Vinny Testaverde was terrible in Tampa before having a late career surge. Your guess is a good as mine about Harrington.

Today's game has the Jets with a vulnerable defense. It was shredded by Jacksonville just a week ago. On the other hand Miami is hurting, WR Marty Booker and CB Travis Daniels are doubtful. Can the Dolphins really take advantage of the Jets defense? Can RB Ronnie Brown show the promise that made Miami take him with the #2 overall pick in 2005?

All three Palm Beach Post writers are taking the fins. I was going to also, then I recall Miami's past troubles on the road in New York. My prediction- Jets 20, Dolphins 16.

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