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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


From today's Palm Beach Post-

STUART — A Hobe Sound man and his girlfriend dug a bullet out of his leg with an X-Acto knife early Sunday after he was shot during a confrontation over a drug deal, according to Stuart police.

The bullet was near the surface and they were able to get it out with their amateur surgery.

"It was bloody, no doubt about it," Brewer said.

Police said Webb smoked the crack cocaine that sparked the fight with the dealers and didn't intend to report the shooting.

Brewer said the wound seemed fine, but they got worried later Sunday when friends started warning them about lead poisoning and infection.

They drove to the emergency room where Brewer said doctors checked the wound, gave Webb a tetanus shot and some antibiotics and sent him home with a bill for $3,200.

"He didn't have any insurance. That's why we didn't want to go in the first place," Brewer said.

Hospitals are required by law to report shootings.

Webb left for Broward County on Monday and was not expected back, Brewer said.
What the heck? Aren't police going to at least charge this couple with practicing medicine without a license? Scandalous is all I say.(Cue the sarcastick laughter)

Update- Rick at SOTP once again is on the same wavelength as myself, both of us blogging on the same topic. He's funnier, comparing this story to the children's game Operation. LOL

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