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Monday, October 16, 2006

I feel faint Part Two

The Palm Beach Post editorial board and I agree about Mark Foley.

The Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach is right to ask Mark Foley and his attorney to identify the clergyman who they claim sexually molested the former congressman almost 40 years ago.

Attorney David Roth made the allegation during an Oct. 3 news conference shortly after Foley's resignation from Congress.

I been saying ths same since minutes after the October 3 press conference. The Post is a little late coming on board but but I'll forgive them. Just this time. LOL.

The editorial gets better.

The diocese deserves to know whom Foley is accusing, and so does the state attorney's office. Statutes of limitation make it unlikely that prosecutors could make a case against an offender after so many years. But that is the state attorney's call, not Foley's or Mr. Roth's. Also, authorities need to know the identity of the alleged abuser to make sure he isn't involved in current abuses. Foley should be willing to disclose the name to protect other potential victims or, if the alleged abuser is deceased, close the record for the public.

Compare the bold part with what I wrote-

If Foley wants to truly 'recover', name the priest. For if the man is alive, other boys are out there at the risk of being molested. If the priest is dead, the truth is told. To do otherwise, Foley will not have completed his recovery.
Incredible, TFM and the Palm Beach Post are on the same wave length. Hey maybe Randy Schultz reads this blog, Read this post of mine for another remarkable meeting of the minds.

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