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Monday, October 16, 2006

FL 22nd- the money keeps rolling in

From today's Sun-Sentinel-

U.S. House candidates Clay Shaw and Ron Klein each raised about $10,000 a day during the latest fundraising period, but new reports filed Sunday showed Klein burning cash faster than Shaw, leaving the incumbent with more money to buy TV ads during the crucial final weeks of the campaign.

Don't count challenger Klein out of the money race, however. Later this week, he brings in one of the Democratic Party's biggest stars, former President Bill Clinton, for a fundraiser in West Palm Beach.

Brian Smoot, Klein's campaign manager, said the event could raise $500,000.

Reports filed Sunday with the Federal Election Commission show Shaw, a 26-year incumbent Republican from Fort Lauderdale, raised $471,000 from Aug. 17 through Sept. 30, bringing his total for the campaign to $3.7 million.

He spent $1.4 million during the 45-day period, leaving him with $1.9 million in the bank.

Klein, a 14-year Democratic state legislator from Boca Raton, raised $437,000 during the same time, bringing his campaign total to $3.2 million.

Klein spent more money than Shaw during the 45 days -- $1.6 million -- leaving him with $493,000.

Money is critical because reaching voters in the Broward County part of the 22nd Congressional District requires candidates to buy ads in the expensive Miami TV market, which includes Fort Lauderdale. Ad time in the West Palm Beach market is far cheaper.

Gail Gitcho, Shaw's press secretary, said part of the campaign strategy has always been to make sure enough cash was on hand to be on the air in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market at the end of the campaign.

"It's crucial to have that media buy in Miami," she said.

Smoot said he wasn't concerned about Shaw's 4:1 cash advantage as of Sept. 30.
It is hard to gague this race for the simple fact that neither candidate is talking issues but attacking one another instead. Klein's history as a lobbyist, Shaw voting for the Bush agenda. My own take on it is that Shaw's attacks could boomerang. For they remind me of this local candidate's losing campaign. Shaw has to show a reason for him to re-elected not just take pot shots at Klein, whether his opponent is deserving of them or not.

Note- The Florida 22nd is TFM's home district. I plan to vote for Shaw.
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